Our products help ensure a clean, efficient workplace.

Njord XP-S Air Purification Unit

Njord XP-2 Air Purification Unit

Njord XP-4 Air Purification Unit

Njord dust-binders

Njord point extraction


Our products

Njord has developed a range of unique air purifying units: the Njord XP and Njord XP-C, which remove dust from the air. Njord’s air purifiers have been tested by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), and have superior Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR ) and lower operating costs compared to other systems on the market. The units are free-hanging, simple to install and can be located wherever needed to achieve maximum effect without affecting your activities.

Njord has also developed a dust-binding cleaning agent that can be used in standard scrubber machines, ensuring less airborne dust by binding it on the floor. The dust can then be picked up the next time the floor is cleaned.

We can also offer point extraction for static dust sources, and high-efficiency filters for your ventilation system.

In other words, we can quite simply offer a fully-comprehensive concept to help ensure a clean, efficient workplace.