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To be able to ensure the cleanest air over a period of time for the money, having the right filter technology is essential.

The efficiency of an air purification system is measured by CADR, Clean Air Delivery Rate. CADR is quite simply the product of the air flow drawn through the air filter, and the degree of filtration achieved. For example: a system that draws in 1000 m3 of air per hour through a filter with an 80% degree of filtration will mean a CADR rating of 800 m3 clean air per hour.

Our objective is to provide the highest CADR possible for the entire service life of the purifier. To do so, we have to choose the right filter for the job.

Choosing the right filter

In principle, there are two filtration techniques to choose from: mechanical and electrostatic. Both have their limitations which have to be taken into account. Mechanical filters can become blocked over time. If opting for the simple choice of a mechanical filter with a high filtration rate (e.g. HEPA filter), the CADR will be very high when the filter is new. Unfortunately, dust accumulation over time can block the filter, allowing little or no air to pass through.

Electrostatic filters lose their filtration efficiency over time. If choosing an electrostatic filter, you will also gain an excellent CADR with low energy consumption, as resistance is often very low initially. The problem is that these filters often lose a lot of their filtration efficiency after only a relatively short time. A lot of air is drawn through the unit, but is not purified.

We decided to optimise our products by using two phases. The first phase uses an innovative Much filter. Thus filter type was originally developed to filter air in spray painting booths, an extreme environment with high particle content. The Much filter used as the first phase in our solution is optimised to absorb huge amounts of large particles without becoming blocked. We select the filter used in phase 2 according to your requirements. In many cases, our standard filter, which is  ePM185%, F9 class, does an excellent job. If a higher rate of filtration is required, that’s what we will

All our filters are tested according to ISO16890