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Njord dust-binders

Bind dust on the floor

The dust is removed next time the floor is cleaned

Apply a new layer of dust-binder

Njord dust-binders

A large part of the dust causing problems in industrial and warehouse premises comes from the floor. Njord’s in-house developed Dust-Binding Floorcare cleans the floor and binds dust. The dust bound on the floor will then be removed next time the floor is cleaned, and a new layer of dust-binder applied. In combination with Njord’s air purification unit, the cleanest possible environment is the result.

Technical specifications

Contents: Water, soap, tensides, penetration agent, complex binders, preservative.
pH value: pH 10.5 in concentrate and approx. 7.5 in solution.
Warnings: No warnings required.
Shelf life: 1 year

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