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Njord XP-C Air Purification Unit

800 X 800 X 540 MM

38 KG



Njord XP provides the cleanest air for the money

Njord XP was developed with the objective of combining compact design with maximum filtration, and the option of adapting the filter according to the filtering requirement. Compact design is important to be able to offer the widest range of installation alternatives.

To meet the new sprinkler requirements, one of the criteria was that the unit did not have an area greater than 1 m2.

Maximum filtration area is directly linked to unit efficiency over time, and to lifecycle cost. We have maximised filter surface by taking in air via two holes. This is possible due to the choice of a ‘double-suction radial fan’.

Technical specifications

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Njord XP has two filtration phases in its standard format

The first filter is there to filter as much dust as possible, primarily large particles, without becoming blocked. The second phase purifies the air as efficiently as possible down to the very smallest particles, that are also a hazard to humans. Which filter is used depends on the situation and your objectives.