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Martin & Servera

Martin & Servera is the leading specialist within restaurant and commercial kitchens in Sweden.

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Ronny, Martin and Servera:

I’ve worked with Clean Air Scandinavia and Zehnder group for many years, but was invited to see Njord’s installation and measure their air purification performance. I decided immediately to switch.

We mainly have air purifiers in the warehouse (high-storage and picking, in/out loading area, freezer room and loading bays).

We have been using them since April this year, and are delighted with the result. The previous installation only achieved actual purification of around 30%, but now we’re over 85%. The new units are also a lot more energy-efficient, saving us a lot of money. We have a total of over 188 Njord units, and are absolutely delighted with delivery, function and support from Njord’s personnel.