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Terana supply the market’s widest range of pipe systems for water, plumbing and cable protection.

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Anton Memner, Logistics Manager, Terana:

Before we switched to Njord, we used another supplier for about 5 years.

Our air purifiers are primarily in warehouse and production areas.

We are highly satisfied with Njord’s air purifiers. The sound level is comparable with other suppliers and nothing that bothers us, we are delighted with the purification result. Njord’s air purifiers have a much higher degree of purification than those of their competitors, something I checked very carefully before changing supplier.

I believe that Njord is the best choice for air purifiers at this time, with the highest degree of filtration, their units are well-designed to avoid taking up space as they are quite shallow compared to others. Running costs are lower than those of other suppliers. Service personnel are very helpful and quick to respond.