Why Choose Njord

Want to be able to present a business which gives a clean, efficient impression? Would you like to ensure that your personnel can work and be shown off in a quality, healthy environment?

Why choose Njord?

You know best why you need a cleaner, more efficient workplace.

Our objective is to be able to provide a fully-comprehensive solution that solves your problem simply and effectively. If you want a transparent, flexible and trustworthy partner, and know that you will get the most for your money, Njord is the right choice!


Our product range is designed for optimum implementation in any environment. Our objective is to solve your problem without disrupting your business. We are also highly flexible with regards to the way we do business. Buy, rent or lease? We adapt to the solution you want.


We want to earn the right to be first choice and your long-term partner for a clean environment. Our objective is always to have the best and most intelligent product range on the market. We are not locked into any one form of technology – we can always use the best available. Our focus is always on developing and designing the best system solutions.

The cleanest environment for your money!

The best solution for you is the one that gives the cleanest environment for your money. And of course, subject to it being one that can be optimally implemented without major disruption to your business, or any other form of negative impact. We have the best range on the market, and invest considerable resources in continuing to do so.