In order to deliver the most clean air for the money spent over time it is crucial to choose the right filter technology.

An air purifier’s efficiency is measured by CADR, the Clean Air Delivery Rate. Simply put, CADR is the product of the airflow that is drawn into the air purifier and the separation rate of the filters. For example, if you have an air purifier that draws 1000 m3 of air per hour through filters that have a 80% separation rate, the CADR for this air purifier is 800 m3 of clean air per hour.

Our goal is to deliver as high a CADR as possible during the lifetime of the air purifier. To achieve this we must choose filters that fit the job.


Choosing the right filter

There are basically 2 techniques to choose from: mechanical filters and electrostatic filters. Unfortunately, both of these techniques have limitations that have to be taken into account.

Over time, mechanical filters tend to get clogged. If you take the easy path and choose a mechanical filter with a high separation rate, such as a HEPA filter, you’ll get a very good CADR when the filters are new. Unfortunately, clogging will cause the system to suffocate, and little or no air can pass through.

The separation rate of electrostatic filters decreases over time. Choosing an electrostatic filter also gives you a very good CADR with low power consumption, since the resistors are often initially low. The problem is that these filters often lose a great deal of their separation capacity after a relatively short running time. The unit draws a lot of air, but the air does not get purified.

We have chosen to optimize our solution in two steps. In the first step, we use an innovative Much filter. This filter type was originally designed to filter the air in paint booths, which is a tough environment with high particle contents. The Much filter, which is step 1 in our solution, is optimized to absorb large amounts of large particles without clogging. In step 2, we customize the selected filter according to your needs. In many environments, our standard F9-class filter will do an excellent job. If there is a requirement or need for a more thorough purification, then that is what we deliver.


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