Asiakastapaus: Best Transport / Stockholm, Sweden

”Now we also have clean air in our office and a healthy workplace for all our staff.”

Katso video Njord@Best Transport

Katso video Njord@Best Transport

We have seen the benefits of air purification and there are plenty of reasons to clean the air in our premises. The most important one for us is being able to offer our staff a healthy work environment and ensuring a clean and healthy warehouse and terminal environment for our customers’ products. A few years ago, we decided to install Njord’s air purification system in our logistics terminal in Årsta. During the procurement process, we compared a few different suppliers and quickly came to the conclusion that Njord clearly had the best set-up for us.

Njord are great to work with, we are happy with how the air purification units are performing and with how smooth and easy servicing is – it’s usually very quick and doesn’t interfere with our warehouse operations. When it was time to return to the office after the pandemic, we decided to install Njord’s air purifier for offices. We had them fitted with UV-C which ensures that the air is free from viruses and bacteria. So now we also have clean air in our office and a healthy workplace for all our staff.

Samuel Stjernberg, Head of Haulage and Capacity
Best Transport / Stockholm, Sweden

Best Transport provides courier and distribution services, home deliveries and IT logistics with around 670 vehicles transporting thousands of orders every day.

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