Dossier client: Martin & Servera / Norrköping, Sweden

“We decided right away to switch to Njord.”

Voir la vidéo Njord@Martin & Servera

Voir la vidéo Njord@Martin & Servera

We have been using air purifiers from other providers for many years but we had the opportunity to measure the effect of Njord’s air purifiers and see them installed at other Njord customers’ premises. We decided right away to switch to Njord. We currently have air purifiers installed in the warehouse environment (high-ceiling warehouse, picking warehouse, goods in/out, freezer warehouse, and truck loading) and around our automation systems.

We have been using Njord air purifiers since 2018 and are very pleased with the result. The air purification system we used to have achieved actual purification of around 30% but Njord achieves over 90%. Njord air purifiers are also more energy-efficient than our old ones, saving us money and protecting the environment. We have a total of around 250 air purifier units installed and are very happy with the delivery, function and support from Njord staff. We would recommend Njord to anyone who needs a cleaner work environment!

Mikael Kempe, Head of Property
Martin & Servera Logistik, Norrköping

Martin & Servera are Sweden’s leading wholesaler for restaurants and industrial kitchens. They provide full-service solutions and products to over 25,000 customers in industrial kitchens, the restaurant sector and hospitality.

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