Dossier client: Närpes Grönsaker / Närpes, Finland

”We chose Njord Clean Air as they are very pricefriendly compared to the competitors.”

Voir la vidéo Njord@Närpes Grönsaker

Voir la vidéo Njord@Närpes Grönsaker

We purposefully strive to continuously improve food safety, which enables us to always provide safe and reliable food to consumers. For us, it is of the utmost importance that vegetables of the highest quality are grown responsibly, which means that we prioritize the choices that benefit future generations, promote safe domestic production and follow strict guidelines for growing processes.

We use air purification to minimize the problems with dust particles that mainly forklift traffic entails and we chose Njord Clean Air as they are very price-friendly compared to the competitors. Good con-tact with sellers, fast deliveries and smooth service make the collaboration painless. Now we have far fewer dust particles in the air than before, protecting both our prod-ucts and employees.

Kim Håkans, Service & Maintenance
Närpes Grönsaker / Närpes, Finland

Närpes Grönsaker is a well-established cooperative owned by 34 greenhouse growers and is the main supplier of tomatoes in Finland. The range also includes specialty tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chillies and beans. The cooperative Närpes Grönsaker was founded in 1957.

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