Constantly high clean air flow with Njord air purifiers

Njord Constant Flow™

Optimum control setting of the air purifier that ensures constant high airpurification over time.

Njord air purifiers are controlled by default with the setting called constant flow control. Constant flow means that the air purifier’s fan adjusts its speed as the filters clog and the resistance of the air increases. This technology ensures a constant high cleaning of the air that guarantees the effect over time. 

In all Njord air purifiers there is a mechanical pressure gauge that constantly measures the pressure across the filters. Depending on the pressure, the fan motor adjusts its speed so that you always get the same amount of clean air out of your air purifier. The fan speed increases the more clogged the air filters become. 

When the pressure reaches a preset maximum pressure, the air purifier will alarm, a red light will light up. When this happens, you have a couple of weeks of operation left before you have to change the filters. With Njord Constant Flow™, you as a customer know that you have an optimal function where the air purifier delivers the same amount of clean air with the same high separation capacity over time. 

There are several programming options to control your Njord air purifier, but we recommend the constant flow setting as it provides an optimal solution for the vast majority of businesses.

Ensures constant high clean air flow
Adapts the fan motor to the air resistance
Available in all Njord air purifiers
Alarms when it is time to change the filters

Do you want to know more about Njord Constant Flow™ for air purifiers?

Standard setting for optimal operation of the Njord air purifier

The recommended operating setting for all Njord air purifiers

Njord Constant Flow™ is available for all our air purifiers; Njord XP-S, Njord XP-2 and Njord XP-4.

Njord XP-S

An extremely compact and smooth design with maximum filtration area make the Njord XP-S air purifier highly effective and easy to install. For clean and healthy environments in smaller premises.

Njord XP-2

The Njord XP-2 air purifier with two-stage air intake combines compact design with maximum filter area for maximum efficiency and maximum filtration. Configured for larger premises.

Njord XP-4

The air purifier Njord XP-4 is a high-capacity unit with 360° filtering that provides an effective solution for clean and healthy air in large premises.