Air purifiers for welding environments

Air purification in the welding environment is essential to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.

Effective air purification reduces the risk of work-related diseases, improves working conditions and helps meet regulations and legal requirements for air quality in workplaces where welding occurs.

In welding environments, air purification is important for several reasons but mainly to protect the health of the people working there because welding processes generate various types of harmful pollutants and particles. For example, metal particles, fumes and gases are created during welding, which can be harmful to the airways and lungs if inhaled. Exposure to welding fumes and gases can lead to several health problems, including lung disease and respiratory problems.

With an air purification system designed to capture and filter the harmful welding fumes and particles from the air, the risk of inhalation is minimized and worker health is protected. The air purifier creates a generally better working environment by also reducing the amount of visible smoke and particles in the air, which can improve visibility and create a more comfortable and safe workplace.

Air cleaners are an effective complement to extraction, or other equipment such as fresh air helmets, which should be used to protect operators as much as possible when they are welding. The air purifier takes care of removing everything that the extraction does not get and creates a cleaner and healthier environment for the entire premises and protects everyone who is there. Many countries have laws and regulations governing air quality in workplaces. Having an effective air purification system helps the company meet these regulations and creates a workplace in compliance with current health protection standards.

Welding fumes and particles can not only be harmful to people but also damage machinery and equipment through corrosion. With air cleaners, an optimal environment is created around the work equipment without dust and particles, which results in fewer machine downtimes and reduced maintenance problems.

Prevents inhalation of hazardous gases and particles produced during welding.
Reduces the risk of developing allergies, lung diseases, respiratory problems and cancer.
Helping you meet air quality laws and regulations.
Protects against negative health effects.
Prevents corrosion and extends the life of equipment and machinery.
Healthier staff and reduced sickness absence.
Improves the work environment with less visible smoke and particles in the air.
Ensures a healthy and safe working environment

Optional for industrial air cleaners

Effective options for air purifiers in welding environments

Njord air purifiers can be equipped with options that address specific challenges such as reducing odor problems or eliminating harmful particles.

Combating bad odors with ionization

Get rid of bad odors effectively and quickly by equipping the air purifier with an ionization unit.

Active sterilization of harmful microbes with UV-C

Equip the air purifier with a UV-C unit to eliminate harmful microbes such as bacteria and viruses.

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Our efficient range of industrial air cleaners is suitable for all types of businesses. Here are some examples from customers in workshops and industry with welding environments.

Recommended air cleaners for welding environments

Njord XP-2

The Njord XP-2 air purifier with two-stage air intake combines compact design with maximum filter area for maximum efficiency and maximum filtration. Configured for larger premises.

Njord XP-4

Air purifier Njord XP-4 is a high-capacity unit with 360° filtering that provides an effective solution for clean and healthy air in large premises.