Customer case: Maxi ICA Stormarknad, Stockholm

“The effect was instant and has lasted for over a year now.”

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Given all the dust from the flour and other powdered ingredients, the work environment in a bakery is tough one. Flour is particularly aggressive and can lead to problems with allergies or asthma, or even dental issues, if people are exposed to high volumes over an extended period of time. At ICA Maxi Moraberg, we want to offer our staff a safe and healthy work environment with clean air, which is why we chose to install air purifiers from Njord in our bakery.

The odour from all the empty cans and bottles in our recycling area is not exactly pleasant, for our customers or our staff. Njord demonstrated a solution that removes more or less all the unpleasant odours simply and effectively. The effect was instant and has lasted for over a year now. We tried switching off the air purifier but the bad smell issue came back immediately. We can definitely recommend Njord’s air purifying solutions for recycling rooms and return stations to anyone who wants to get rid of their odour problem.

Mikael Rova, Store Manager
Maxi ICA Stormarknad Moraberg, Stockholm

ICA is Sweden’s largest supermarket chain and Maxi ICA Stormarknad is one of their largest stores with a wide range of food products, plus an extensive range of clothing, shoes, household textiles, media and household appliances.

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