Customer case: Spaljisten / Åseda, Sweden

“After switching to Njord, we get an even more effective filtration of the smallest particles and a substantially lower energy consumption.”

Watch the film Njord@Spaljisten

Watch the film Njord@Spaljisten

Many of our processes generate a lot of dust, specifically polishing of sheet material and drilling cause very small particles that are dispersed into the air. Although the extractors are effective, they are not enough to remove all the dust. We also handle a lot of cardboard in our packaging lines, which also generate dust. It is of course not good for our operators to stay in an environment where there are very small particles in the air. The particles also have an impact on the quality of our production as our foiling processes are very sensitive. 

We have had air purification systems installed since over fifteen years for a cleaner environment in our premises, but after a thorough analysis we chose to switch to Njord a couple of years ago. After switching to Njord, we get an even more effective filtration of the smallest particles and a substantially lower energy consumption. The size of the aggregates is also smaller, which makes them easier to place. Those with problems with trachea or asthma can often experience a little more labored breathing if they have spent a few hours in a factory like ours, something that we no longer experience here. 

We did a very thorough analysis where we pitted our former supplier against Njord. Among other things, we did a lot of particle measurements at different positions in the factory where we test drove Njord’s equipment and competitor’s equipment in the same places. The tests showed that Njord’s equipment filtered the air significantly more efficiently. We also made an evaluation of the energy consumption, which was significantly lower on Njord’s units, as well as the total cost of ownership and service of the units over time. Njord performed better in all comparisons. Cooperation with Njord is worry-free.

The equipment works without problems and filter changes are on schedule and are carried out by Njord’s staff without our involvement. There is also a quick response when we need to make an expansion or change among installed devices. 

Marcus Aschenbrenner, Project manager
Spaljisten / Åseda, Sweden 

Spaljisten is a leading manufacturer that has international furniture and kitchen companies as customers. Their specialty is foiling and wrapping high-gloss foils, but they also work with other types of foils. They deliver complete fronts that are foiled, edged, drilled and packed in cardboard, production is highly automated and is carried out in three shifts. Spaljisten delivers approximately five million packages annually from the factory in Åseda, Sweden. 

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